Kim Kardashian : her surprising way to protect yourself from coronavirus with her sisters


Kim Kardashian : in order that their show The incredible family Kardashian can continue to be rotated despite the quarantine, Kim and her sisters wear a stratagem rather amazing…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West : how they fit together during the containment

If in France the containment has been lifted, the United States, it is still required and, in particular, in the State of California, where live the Kardashian. During quarantine, the parents of North St., Chicago, and Psalm have had to organize to be able to front carry. In fact, according to a close source :” This is the chaos at home. “

The parents have therefore decided to adopt the alternating custody ! ” Kanye escapes into his office to work. He left Kim to take a break last week when he took the children in Wyoming. They take turns to take care of the children. ” A delicate attention of her husband yet qualified as being the person” the more dependent, whimsical, and fine” the show-business by her former body guard.

Especially as more of its various companies Kim Kardashian and her sisters will always be turning his reality television show The amazing family Kardashian. Moreover, there has been a fight ! But the issue is not vital to the survival of the american population, they have had to find a ploy to be able to continue to turn…

The Kardashian are using iPhones to shoot their show

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Kris can be quiet. Fans will be able to follow their daily lives in spite of the quarantine. In fact, in order to overcome the lack of film crews, momager proposed to the producer of the programme Farnaz Farjam to let his girls filming themselves on a daily basis.

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Thus, the magazine It revealed that iPhones were deposited in front of the door to its past in order to avoid any contact and any risk of contamination. What are at least two episodes that will be filmed using their phones. However, all of this requires a new organization ! ” If Kris gets upset and leaves the field, it was not possible to follow it and continue to film camera in hand. It is necessary for her to return in front of the goal and why it is part. There is more of the small mouse at the heart of their home, it was necessary that we give them guidelines, they inform us more of what is going on. But because he is a Kardashian and they are entertaining no matter what happens, this will be the episodes fun to watch for the publicsaid the producer.

And to continue :” Sometimes, you will hear them mumble ‘I would have not thought that the work of a cameraman would be so complicated‘ But it is funny. It is made of gold. This is what we wanted to include in the show. ” Episodes already cult.


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