Kim Kardashian is “shy” on Instagram in mini bikini!

Kim Kardashian plays the shy girl in a mini bikini on Instagram and is once again unanimous on the platform.

With every appearance on the Web, Kim Kardashian puts everyone in agreement. The social media star poses in a gorgeous little flesh-colored bikini and once again cracks her millions of fans.

Very active on social networks, Kim Kardashian feeds every day her various photo accounts always more sublime and sexy than each other.

Thus, his many fans admire him and do not hesitate to let him know. They react en masse to each of his appearances on the Web!

And for the time being, there are many of them. With the very famous American businesswoman,Internet users don’t really have time to get bored.

Between the photos of her shoots,beauty tips, her outfits of the day and the little moments with her family and friends, there is plenty to do.

As a result, Kim Kardashian has more than 200 million followers on Instagram,the showcase of her most beautiful shots. No, you’re not dreaming!

And to the delight of its very large audience, it has just unveiled a new one on the famous platform. We love it!


With more than 200 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian emerged as one of the most popular and influential stars of the moment.

It must be said that the mother of North, Psalm, Saint and Chicago spends a lot of time on the social network. And his fans are delighted!

They thus scrutinize his activity with the greatest attention, in search of new nuggets. And for now, there’s a hell of a lot of them every day.

On Tuesday, February 16, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend fed her feed with a brand new never-before-seen shot. Yes, you’ve heard it!

She poses under the blue sky in a sublime flesh-colored mini bikini. The swimsuit is really beautiful! And it suits her to delight.

In the caption, one discovers the following sentence: “I’m really shy.” Indeed, Kim Kardashian hides her face with her hand in the photo.

Under the spell, Internet users have once again reacted en masse to the post of their idol. The latter already has more than 3 million likes!

In the comment space, one can also read a ton of compliments and messages of love. You’ll understand, so it’s another box for the very famous blogger.

We let you discover his latest post available on Instagram!

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