Kim Kardashian: Kanye West moves his 500 sneakers in the middle of a divorce!

Kanye West took advantage of Kim Kardashian’s absence to start moving some of his impressive sneaker collection!

It’s no secret that the high-profile couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are about to divorce! Thus, the artist has already moved his 500 pairs of sneakers!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce is coming! Indeed, although officially, they are still married… The artist has started to move his belongings from their luxurious home in California!

Indeed, North’s father took advantage of his wife’s absence (currently on vacation in Jamaica) to pick up his belongings at their family home in Calabasas.

So, as our colleagues at Vanity Fair report, the producer has recovered part of his wardrobe… Among them, his impressive collection of Yeezys! Indeed, the rapper has moved his 500 pairs of sneakers!

“They both thought things would be less dramatic if they weren’t home together.” A source close to the couple told Page Six. Thus, they did not cross at all during the beginning of the movie.

In fact, Kim Kardashian has already transformed Kanye West’s clothing space into a showroom for her brand SKIMS!


On the occasion of her niece Stormi’s birthday, Kim Kardashian is on holiday in the Caribbean with part of her family! So, while she is in the middle of divorce proceedings, the beautiful brunette seems to live this situation very well!

Indeed, his Instagram feed is filled with photos all more beautiful and heavenly than the other! Via the comments bar, Internet users even seem to think that the divorce seems to be “going well” to the 40-year-old!

“She’s never been so beautiful! It shows that she is much more relaxed, she no longer has her unstable husband in her paws”, commented one user in a photo of the beautiful brunette alongside Stassie, the BFF of Kylie Jenner!

Another user found that the beautiful Kim Kardashian was much more natural since the announcement of her divorce! “I think she’s never posted so many unspoken photos… Kanye West had to put a lot of pressure on him! There she does what she wants is she is so much more beautiful like that in addition! »

You could read on a picture of the beautiful brunette in a green swimsuit (the shot above)! Comments all more adorable than the others! An enthusiasm that will please the latter!

What’s more, the beautiful photos of her in the sun are not likely to disappear from her feed! Indeed, it’s been several days since the beautiful Kim Kardashian is on vacation in a very luxurious villa!

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