Kim Kardashian launched her own collection of masks in fabric (Photos) – Vibration


Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19, wearing a mask is strongly recommended. Whether they are surgical, single-use or fabric washable and reusable, the masks sell by the millions across the world every day. It was not necessary any more to give ideas to Kim Kardashian. The star of reality tv has just launched its own range of masks fabric within its brand of lingerie Skims.

Offered in five colors to so-called” nude “the masks” reusable and washable, soft and comfortable to wear “are sold at 8 dollars per unit (about 7 euros) or $ 25 for all 4 (about 22 euros). The website specifies, however, that the mask” is not a breathing machine and does not eliminate the risk of disease and infection “.

Available for just a week, the masks Skims are already all sold out. On Twitter, Kim Kardashian has reassured its customers :” We are working with our local partner in Los Angeles to produce it as quickly as possible. The next restocking is expected to take place next week “. In addition, the star is committed to make a donation of 10 000 masks Skims associations in the united states.

Not surprisingly, on social networks, the new business of Kim Kardashian bothers. Some internet users accused him of take advantage of the pandemic Covid-19 to make money.


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