Kim Kardashian: Lisa Rinna looks too much like her and it’s scary!

Kim Kardashian now has a new lookalike of her! Indeed, the actress Lisa Rinna looks a lot like her for a few days!

For the past 24 hours, Lisa Rinna has been posting several photos and videos of herself on Instagram… Pictures on which the 50-year-old looks strangely like Kim Kardashian!

Lisa Rinna surprised her 2.6 million subscribers today! Indeed, the actress and former model have posted several photos and videos of her… Clichés have made Internet users react a lot!

Indeed, in these photos, the 57-year-old American is completely transformed! Haircut, make-up, outfit… The latter seems to have made a big makeover… And she’s proud of it!

In fact, Internet users are unanimous: Lisa Rinna now looks like reality TV star Kim Kardashian! Indeed, in the comments, the subscribers of the actress rushed to emphasize this resemblance more than surprising!

Surgery or make-up… It remains to be seen how the beautiful Lisa Rinna got this makeover! In any case, one thing is certain: it is transformed!

So let you see the resemblance with Kim Kardashian to your below! What do you think?


On Instagram, each of Lisa Rinna’s recent posts has racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments! Indeed, many Internet users have reacted to the physical transformation of the former Playboy supermodel!

D1softball news invites you to discover some comments from Internet users! Indeed, many of them found the 57-year-old woman to fall to the ground… They even asked for her secret to be as sublime and look like Kim Kardashian… A woman is almost 20 years younger than her!

« Too beautiful Lisa! “Beautiful, how do you be so sublime?” “It is possible not to grow old at this point, you are divine! “Time doesn’t seem to have any impact on you Lisa Rinna… You look better every day! »

Can you read on the social network! Other Internet users found, on the contrary, that her resemblance to Kim Kardashian was frightening! Indeed, for them, no doubt, this sudden resemblance is due to surgery!

“She has the same look as Kim… Seriously, it’s scary! “Unbelievable, she doesn’t even have to recognize herself in the mirror anymore! “She went to see her surgeon with a picture of Kim under her arm… It’s scary to look so much like someone all of a sudden! »

“But his face no longer has any wrinkles… I want small injections here and there, but stop! It’s too much! She can barely move her face! Or: “The proof that surgeons can only make one head… They’re all the same! »

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