Kim Kardashian model highlights her figure in several photos

Highlighting her curves with one of her SKIMS models, socialite Kim Kardashian captured all the looks of her followers with these new photos.

Kylie Jenner’s older sister Kim Kardashian is characterized by always leaving her fans more than shocked and also for sighing them with her constant publications where she without penalty shows and brags about her curves.

On this occasion about 13 hours ago that the Instagram celebrity, as well as the show, shared on her official Instagram account a new post in which there were a total of 4 different images with which she managed to get several of her fans out more than a sigh for her.

It seems that Kim Kardashian still a wife apparently the wife of rapper Kanye West is in a kind of winery or studio where several of her models are, the design as she herself shared in her description is“SKIMS Terry” probably this is the name of this line of garments.

In the first image we see her walking on tips while accommodating a kind of plush sack, in her cute figure she wears two pieces that seemed to be made of cotton fabric, they looked quite comfortable and of their perfect size.

In the second image she appears again in the same outfit but finds herself in front of a mirror and with a coffee in one of her hands, she seems to be verifying her beauty while posing very flirtatious, behind Kris Jenner’s second daughter appear several garments of her SKIMS line.

Kim appears in the third image sitting resting on a comfortable bench with wide slopes and cushions also that add a touch of glamour, the one believed to be a sack ended up being a robe as she was wearing the same thing but this one already had her tied to her waist wearing her turned legs.

In the fourth image appears the older sister of Kendall Jenner using leggings of the same tone as her top, this seems to be the same one that was put on since the beginning of the publication, with more than a million 600 thousand “Likes” the beautiful celebrity of social networks again makes an excellent promotion of her products through a simple post on Instagram.

On this occasion she managed to get the attention of her fans directly towards her garments, to achieve this she decided to wear her hair collected in a high and long braid, as well as a natural makeup, so she made sure that her figure was completely the protagonist of the content she shared.

For years Kim Kardashian has been a source of inspiration for millions, both with her life and as a celebrity as well as as an entrepreneur because she has managed to develop perfectly in the industry.

At each opportunity, she promotes each of her companies, whether she is the main model or sometimes with the help of her own sisters with whom she has also launched some collaborations.

The beautiful 40-year-old entrepreneur has so far 6 thousand 184 comments from her admirers, one that she highlighted is of the Mexican model and actress Isabel Madow, who continually tends to comment on the publications of several celebrities just like her.

Other comments that appear at the beginning of the publication are from the socialité’s own accounts, one of them is from SKIMS and the second from the official website of the family, there is varied content in this account that is apparently not well known because it has only one million 300 thousand followers.

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