Kim Kardashian posted an unpublished video of the best moments of her 40 years: “Birthday blog”

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In the clip, the businesswoman can be seen dancing with her friends, on excursions, and even diving.

After an incredible party for her 40 years, in which she had a different celebration in each room of the immense living room she hired,  Kim Kardashian traveled with her family and her best friends to a paradise island to continue celebrating despite the pandemic.

Nostalgic, the businesswoman came up with the idea of ​​collecting the best moments of her birthday trip and sharing them on social networks.

On  Instagram, she posted a compilation that shows her enjoying herself with her clan.


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Diving, laughing in the sea with friends, dancing on the sand at night with her family, singing on the beach, and wearing spectacular outfits, so you can see the businesswoman in the clip. 

How does it end? With a very special moment. Yes, with the unusual gift that her partner, Kanye West, gave her: a hologram of her deceased father who greets her, tells her that he is proud of her, and even sings a song.

“Birthday blog”, expressed Kim in reference to the compiled with the best moments of his celebration.