Kim Kardashian raunchy in a sexy black outfit Dolce and Gabbana!

Bomb alert! Kim Kardashian has shaken up the web by showing up with an ultra-sexy Dolce and Gabbana outfit! We’re showing you!

Kim Kardashian hit again! The star posed with an ultra-sexy look by Dolce and Gabbana. And Internet users could not resist its charm! We let you discover the cliché in the rest of the article!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is a true fashionista! The star loves to take care of her look and always shows up with trendy outfits!

The it-girl is also at the origin of many fashions thanks to her photos! Indeed, Internet users love to be inspired by her and often reproduce her outfits!

Kim Kardashian is considered a true fashion icon on the Web! And brands are willing to do anything to collaborate with her!

Kanye West’s ex-works with the biggest designers of the moment. And it’s not uncommon to see her make the front page of magazines. We love it!

Today the star also unveiled the excerpt of a new shoot for Dolce and Gabbana. The star has shown herself with a total ultra sexy black look with the latest collection of the Italian brand. Enough to drive Internet users crazy!


Kim Kardashian appears with a very sexy lace ensemble on the shot. She wears a cleavage-packed armband and a tight cyclist who perfectly highlights her curves!

The fashionista embellishes her style with gloves and bling jewelry for an even sexier effect! She sets the lens with a look of ember. So her photo made the effect of a bomb on the Web!

Indeed, Internet users could not resist discovering the story of Kim Kardashian. It must be said the star is ultra sexy with this look!

As always, the bomb received thousands of compliments from Internet users. They didn’t hesitate to compliment her on her new collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana!

Once again, Kim Kardashian proves to us that she has nothing to envy to the greatest supermodels. The sulfurous brunette perfectly represents the creations of the fashion house. And the latter may inspire many young women!

So far, the bomb has not revealed the rest of the mysterious trend project. So, will she share other sexy looks by Dolce and Gabbana? Case to follow!

Anyway, Kim Kardashian still fascinates the web with her photos. Even in the middle of a divorce, the girl continues to raise the temperature!

The young woman has not finished putting us in the full eye! So that she will be her next sartorial madness?

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