Kim Kardashian raunchy in silk lingerie on Instagram!

Kim Kardashian poses in sexy silk lingerie and is once again unanimous among her millions of fans.

To the delight of her very large audience, Kim Kardashian has just posted a brand new series of never-before-seen photos. The social media star is sexier than ever in silk lingerie!

Every day, Kim Kardashian feeds her various social network photos always sexier than the other. And his fans are delighted!

With it, they don’t really have time to get bored. They follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention. And for now, there’s plenty to do!

As a result, the pretty brunette of 40 years has more than 200 million followers on Instagram, the showcase of her most beautiful shots. That’s all it is!

In a very classy dress, in a sexy little outfit, or in very loose and casual clothes, the very famous blogger always puts everyone in agreement.

It must be said that his photos are really beautiful. And to the delight of Internet users, she has just shared a new series on the platform. !

Discover the new shots of Kim Kardashian, straight out of her latest shoot.


Very active on social networks, Kim Kardashian spends a good part of her time feeding her various accounts of exclusive content.

The famous American businesswoman thus appears as one of the most popular and influential bloggers of the moment. Great class!

With each appearance, she makes a real hit. His millions of fans love his shots! And we understand why.

On Tuesday, February 2, North’s mother, Psalm, Chicago, and Saint posted a whole new series of never-before-seen photos on her favorite platform: Instagram.

She poses on a sublime panther sofa in silk lingerie. Her outfit is truly amazing! And it suits him to delight.

In the following 2 shots, Kylie and Kendall’s sister opts for another set, also silk. This time she poses on a small suede grey chair.

But that’s not all! She is then discovered in an umpteenth silk outfit at the feet of a beige sofa, then on a huge bed with a white rose in her hand.

Under the spell, Internet users reacted en masse to Kim Kardashian’s new post. It must be said that it sends very heavy. The latter has more than a million likes!

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