Kim Kardashian rides beautifully for session!

Many people don’t know the hard work that needs to be done to make a photograph look perfect, so Kim Kardashian’s renowned social media celebrity shared part of the behind-the-back of a session with her younger sister Kendall Jenner, where she had to ride a beautiful black stallion, a Frisian racehorse.

Because socialite and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian is extremely professional, for her any photoshoot she takes does so impressively, as a result, we have beautiful and shocking photographs.

These kinds of posts Kanye West’s still wife tends to do in her Instagram stories, which she shared about 9 hours ago where she appears in several videos showing some of the work that needs to be done to look perfect.

Kim Kardashian shared three videos in the first appears mounted on a beautiful Frisian horse, although this one moves a little and on the face of the socialité you see an expression of a scare, this breed of horses are usually quite quiet, although because they are quite high may have made Kim feel a little afraid.

As for Kendall, she was on the side of her standing, between the two horses holding the reins so they wouldn’t move and ready for them to start taking pictures.

At the bottom of where they were you can see a high wall that has foliage of beautiful green plants, in the location, it was already night so it looked a little dark around however with the light of the lamps you could see quite well.

Both sisters were wearing the same suit was a full all-gray jumpsuit, which set them apart were the boots, while Kim wore some in Kendall brown.

In the second video, Kim Kardashian already appears alone with one of the horses, it is already daylight and wears another outfit, surely the session started from very early, wears a black corset with buttons on the front, brown leather trousers and honey-colored boots, in the background you can see a hill with some dry trees.

For the third video, we see the sisters together again and with both horses, it is the same location as in the second video, this time Kendall Jenner also wears a different outfit, this consists of a black two-piece suit, seems to be made of leather and brings the same boots as at first.

This insurance session will already know for what purpose they took it for, and it is that for a few days now that both Kim and Kendall have been promoting the new line of perfumes inspired precisely by the highest-paid model in the world.

The beautiful steeds are related to the love that Kylie Jenner’s older sister feels when assembling them, the whole concept with which these three fragrances were created was more than thought by the socialite and entrepreneur who is constantly renewing itself in terms of her products, which tends to show them on her Instagram account where she has millions of followers.

Being an entrepreneur and Instagram star Kim Kardashian is known internationally, to date, she has more than 212 million followers in that app, admirers who seem to increase day by day because for a few weeks she is stepping on the heels of her younger sister Kylie Jenner who until the moment of the Kardashian Jenner clan is the most popular in the App, maybe soon Kim will be able to reach her.

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