Kim Kardashian-she of the possibilities in politics ?


Kanye West has recently unveiled want to compete in the White House. The husband of Kanye West and his wife, have you start in politics ?

Kanye West has surprised the planet by announcing his desire to become president. Kim Kardashian the First Lady, is likely or utopian ? MCE TV tells you everything from a to Z.

Weigh in the game : Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have all of the couple was a success. She is the high priestess of an empire of beauty, and of himself in Jesus of rap US. The rescue the glory goes to your headall in all !

However, this does not prevent “Yeezus “ have of the great ambition for himself. The father of the North, believed : the Oval Office is at hand, and he has the intention of investing.

That is not a problem : 2020 marks the beginning of your campaign policy. “I am a candidate to become president of the united States “said on Twitter, provoking strong reactions.

At 43 years of age, the husband of Kim Kardashian may also have the soutien of the latter. A First Lady become, who was quick to retweet the message to his wife.

The evidence of his the unwavering support of the interpreter “Gold Digger “. Yeezus is so ready to embrace this new career, what is said to them : the mass Yeezy-esque it is said to be !

What is your political agenda ? It therefore has provided the very unique the husband of Kim Kardashian ? In terms of beauty, it is seen that already in his role of First Lady ? The beginning of the CSM decrypts for you.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can reverse the White House ?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can reverse the White House ?

Kanye West: what program for the wedding of Kim Kardashian ?

Kanye West has it all planned ? During your interview Forbeshe explained that we should take it seriously. The rapper and designer, the most famous on the planet, and has developed a small outline of your program.

Very focused on religion, which has announced that it intends to “to make real the promise of America by trusting in God “. A message that does not mislead anyone as to the rapper at the origin of the large masses in nature.

In addition to this, Kanye West has released a couple of ideas from here and there. In his interview, he has taken some positions, proclaiming against ABORTION and against the vaccines same at the time of the Covid-19.

To justify it, explains that these things “make God mad “. If You was once positioned as a support of size at Trump, he withdrew his “red cap “ during his interview with Forbes.

This is not the support of Trump, which is described, but the wedding of Kim Kardashian, decided to put their ideas into policy. With respect to his campaign slogan, has the word order : “YES! “.

He also called his party, the “Birthday Party “from the day of his inauguration, “this is going to be the birthday of the world “. It is what it is ! The genius of rap has as well more than one trick in their bag.

It is is this in any case, since as a “the president special “, a kind of mix between Obama and Trumpthey seem to be their sources of inspiration. “The united States are in need of someone special in your head “.

This would not be his rival, Joe Biden, after him. Another amazing thing revealed in an interview to Forbes. Take the reins of the country, that you want to do a nation such as Wakanda in “Black Panther “ !

Kim Kardashian: is she already in her role as First Lady ?

Kanye West may have supports size to help reverse the White House. You know, he and Elon Musk develop a certain friendship for some time.

Apart from this old friend, who is no other than the head of Tesla and Space X, your woman no more do not turn the back. Kim Kardashian wanted the ingredients of a First Lady ?

At 39 years of age, Kim Kardashian continues her studies in law to become a lawyer. The beautiful bimbo now wants to embark on a noble cause. In fact, it has already been contributed to the release of several prisoners in the united States.

In addition to his political commitment, “Kim is not not at all interested with what the public says about Kanye “ says a source close to her, to Hollywood Life.

Despite the stress of her politics, she continues to support him behind the scenes, but “the willingness to talk and will take place right next to it, according to their needs “. Neither more nor less, without further ceremony.

Even that, apparently, the sister of Kylie Jenner do “‘t take any of it seriously. She knows that she is not going to become the First Lady “. The chances of Kanye launched into politics is fading…

Kanye West, already out of the race for the presidential elections ?

As we know, Yeezus has done it all for to prove that his announcement was not a rumor. He even paid $ 35,000 to formalize his candidacy.

That said, a member of his campaign team were revealed to the New York Magazine that the rapper it was already out of the game. As many experts thought, the idea that it was unlikely that it would go to the end of this project.

Proof of this is that the husband of Kim Kardashian launches a little later in the race… Neil Sroka, communications director The Democracy Of America says Hollywood Life that this “it is absurd”.

“It is very tvery difficult for an independent to compete in a campaign, even if you prepare for years.”. Kanye West, comes a bit after the war…

That said, your folder has well been full with the federal election commission. A folder which states that “the committee of Kanye 2020 would be the principal campaign committee for the candidate.

According to a survey published by Political Polls, 2% of Americans would have the intention to vote for Kanye West ! This, even if it has exceeded the registration deadline for voting in 6 States.

His detractors see in his candidacy, a way of “distract people “as was reported in 50 Percent of the magazine The billboard. Will have to see what this campaign Yeezy-esque feel. Case to follow…