Kim Kardashian super proud of her loyal hairdresser Chris Appleton!

Kim Kardashian is still a fan of her hairdresser Chris Appleton! The star has even made a nice statement to his friend!

Kim Kardashian can no longer do without her hairdresser Chris Appleton! Indeed, the bomb shared a nice message for the young man on Instagram. We’ll let you find out all the details in the rest of the article!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves to take care of her every day! Indeed, the young mom always appears at the top during her appearances, or even on social networks!

The sulfurous brunette puts all her chances on her side to bluff her fans. She surrounds herself with a shock team to stay hot in any circumstance.

Hairdresser, the stylist, make-up artist… Kim Kardashian leaves nothing to chance! The bomb wants the best professionals to look after her.

Kanye West’s ex has also bonded with his employees. Indeed, the fashionista has become very close to her hairdresser Chris Appleton. And the duo continues to appear together on social networks!

Kim Kardashian is completely gaga of her hairdresser. The star can no longer do without him and never hesitates to advertise him on the networks!

Chris Appleton has become a fixture in the hairdressing industry thanks to his BFF. Incredible!


Today, Kim Kardashian gave a nice surprise to her hairdresser on Instagram. Indeed, it girl shared a story dedicated to the young man to promote his new project.

Chris Appleton has launched his own brand of hair product Color Wow to help women take care of their hair.

So Kim Kardashian has cracked on her friend’s creations. And surprise! The sulfurous brunette didn’t hesitate to share her favorite products with her fans on Instagram!

Kanye West’s ex filmed his favorite products via his story. We can then discover all its essentials to have dream hair!

The bomb explains to his fans” Chris has been looking after my hair for years. I love his products. We use them all the time. I’m so glad he’s making his own products. Here’s his new mask, I can’t wait to try it! ».

No doubt, the influencer is always as faithful to her hairdresser! And the latter is likely to be a nice success thanks to his story!

A few days ago, however, the young girl made a very bad joke to Kim Kardashian. Indeed, he unveiled an unpublished shot of the star sleeping with his mouth open.

Like what, the young woman is not at all resentful! She continues to love her hairdresser and did not hesitate a second before giving her her promotion!

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