Kim Kardashian ultra sensual in SKIMS silk pajamas on Instagram!

On her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian shared several photos where she showed off as she was ultra-hot with her SKIMS silk pajamas!

Right now, Kim Kardashian is in the middle of a divorce. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up her professional projects. This weekend, she unveiled her new SKIMS collection on Instagram.

On Friday, March 19, Kim Kardashian posted several photos on her Instagram account. In a first step, she took the ultra-sexy pose. She displayed a matching bra to her stocking and pajama jacket.

In her next photo, Kim Kardashian posed with a hen’s ass mouth and arms in the air. She highlighted her chest on the social network. She later stood by a friend.

The young woman was wearing the same outfit as the reality TV contestant but of a different color. If she created new silk pajamas very sexy, she also opted for an accessory.

She created a night mask to match her pajamas. To stage her new SKIMS collection, she pretended to be having a “sleepover” with her friends.

In one of Kim Kardashian’s photos, fans could see that Khloé Kardashian was pouring champagne in her mouth. In front of her, one of her friends was shown up with a glass of red wine in her hand.


One thing is for sure, Kim Kardashian has clearly raised the temperature on the social network. With her shots, she did not fail to seduce her subscribers. They fell in love.

In the caption of her Instagram photos, Kim Kardashian also wrote: “This is a SKIMS dinner !!! COMING SOON: JACQUARD SKIMS. My FAVE Skims collection! I always say that but we continue to outperform LOL.”

The mother also confided: “A brilliant new collection of ultra-luxurious and silky relaxing clothing. With patterns of the Jacquard SKIMS logo. In 4 colors and sizes XXS – 4X on Tuesday, March 23 at 9 am.

Finally, she also asked her fans: “Join the waiting list now on SKIMS.COM for early access to the shop. Swipe to see this fun campaign with my besties !!! ».

With her snaps, Kim Kardashian has garnered more than 1.4 million “likes” in just three hours from her followers. In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her for her collection.

But that’s not all. They also said they were really fans of her clothes. It must be said that they look really silky. The pretty brunette also raised the temperature by showing herself ultra sexy.

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