Kim Kardashian ultra sensual in SKIMS tight pajamas on Instagram!

Watch your eyes! To promote her BRAND SKIMS, Kim Kardashian has once again immortalized herself with pajamas from her new collection.

Another no-fault for Kim Kardashian! Through her social networks, the businesswoman posed with SKIMS pajamas from her new collection. Unsurprisingly, his snap was a hit with his community.


For several years, Kim Kardashian has been in the spotlight! A must-see star of the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, the pretty brunette and her illustrious family have often made headlines.

Right now, his divorce from Kanye West is making the headlines. According to some tabloids, the famous rapper’s mental health was the reason for their union.

Moreover, the Kamyes were no longer on the same wavelength at all. The discrepancies were daily!

“The final fight that ended their marriage was nothing more than about the summer holiday plans,” a source close to the two stars told The Sun.

But also: “What was a simple conversation about the choice of dates and places took on enormous proportions, and unfortunately degenerated into a violent confrontation. It wasn’t that bad in itself, but it pushed Kim to the limit…”.

Still, Kim Kardashian is trying to look good. On a daily basis, Kris Jenner’s daughter continues to be very active via her social networks.

And this Thursday, April 29, the influencer made a new sensation by promoting her new collection SKIMS. We love it!


In front of the camera, Kim Kardashian immortalized herself with beautiful pajamas of her brand. His grey ensemble is going to delight him!

And this time, North’s mom also bet on simplicity. Nomake up or extravagant hairstyle. As a true marketing pro, she did not fail to slip a little legend under its publication.

“Our @SKIMS softest pajamas PJ SLEEP has just fallen !!! Buy the collection now on SKIMS.COM and enjoy free national shipping on orders over $75,” the pretty brunette said via her post.

In just a few hours, his pretty photo has also garnered more than 1 million likes. And the compliments were pouring in from all sides.

A habit for Khloé’s sister. “Too hot. I can’t wait to buy mine! ,” reads the comment thread. “The most beautiful. Great cliché.”

Or: “Too beautiful even in the natural.” No doubt all these compliments delighted Kim Kardashian!

Being very close to her subscribers, the young woman shares everything with them! His shoots but also all his future projects.

Despite the pandemic, Mason’s aunt has no time to be unemployed. Quite the opposite!

And so it has not finished impressing us with its countless brands. Especially with SKIMS!

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