Kim Kardashian ultra sexy in string bikini to ignite Instagram!

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has again turned the heads of her fans. This time, the star immortalized herself with an attractive bikini.

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet again! Via her social networks, the businesswoman posed with a trendy and very sexy bikini.

More and more of you are following Kim Kardashian via her social networks. To date, the incendiary brunette has more than 203 million followers on Instagram.

Right now, Kim Kardashian is facing the madness of the tabloids and paparazzi! Indeed, some American media have claimed that the star is in the process of divorcing Kanye West.

For several months, the two stars would not get along! The performer of “Stronger” would like to cross their flashy daily life in L.A. to live with their children in the middle of the desert.

A project that seems to horrify Kim Kardashian! For nothing in the world, she would not want to leave the City of Angels.

“Kanye wants the family to live in a camp,” said a source close to the influencer for “Hollywood Life.” “It’s outside of Los Angeles, somewhere in the desert.”

He also points out: “He doesn’t want to live in LA at all, he feels like everything and everyone is wrong there.” And that’s not all.

Wanting to protect their four children, Kim Kardashian is also said to be very concerned about her husband’s mental health. On the Web, rumors are rife.

But to date, Kris Jenner’s daughter has neither refuted nor confirmed them. However, she remains very active on Instagram. This Wednesday, January 3, she made the buzz with this incredible shot.


Yes, Kim Kardashian seems to be on top of her game! Facing the camera, the businesswoman has also posed with an attractive bikini that suits her to delight.

His dream curves have visibly mesmerized many of his admirers. In just a few hours, his shot garnered more than 4 million likes and multiple compliments.

“What a bomb!” reads one under its publication. But also: “Sublime, I love your outfit.”

At 40, Kim Kardashian doesn’t shy away from anything to maintain her pretty plastic. A great fan of cosmetic surgery, the pretty brunette does not give up her lifestyle.

Quite the opposite! Every day, North’s mom performs cardio and strength training sessions with her sisters and their coaches.

Being very active on the Web, the incendiary brunette willingly immortalizes all her series of exercises to motivate her followers to do the same. In parallel to all this, the star is also very careful about his diet.

Last I heard, Kim Kardashian would follow a herbal diet to keep the line! On a daily basis, the star loved to gobble up fake soy-based meats. She is also said to be addicted to vegan sausages. We’re noticing!

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