Kim Kardashian unrecognizable as a blonde with discolored eyebrows!

The beautiful Kim Kardashian surprises her fans in the Instagram story with new hair color and bleached eyebrows!

Kim Kardashian is unrecognizable on Instagram with her discolored eyebrows and blonde hair!


Kim Kardashian has shocked her fans by unveiling her new look. Indeed, the star has discolored her eyebrows and dyed her blonde hair!

The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is unrecognizable! And for good reason, North’s mom was getting ready for a very special shoot.

Kim Kardashian shared with her fans all the steps for her new look. First, she tied her hair in two braids on each side. And then she discolored her eyebrows.

« Guess what the mood of filming is today? She then asked the fans in an Instagram story. And seeing the reactions of his followers, Kanye West’s ex-wife revealed a little more about his transformation.

“It’s really cute, guys. Discolored eyebrows, I love it! I can’t wait to show you the final look. She said. And Internet users couldn’t wait for a second longer.

So Kim Kardashian unveiled the final result in a beautiful selfie. So she appears with a beautiful brushing on her new platinum blonde hair. A very luscious mouth, very smoky eyes, but almost invisible eyebrows.

But the American didn’t keep that look for very long.


The beautiful Kim Kardashian did not stay blonde for very long. Indeed, the reality TV star continued to post the stages of her transformation for her filming.

And when it was over, the future lawyer became a brunette again. In a new selfie, Kris Jenner’s daughter revealed her physique after her photoshoot.

She is found with her beautiful brown hair and dark eyebrows. “I’m already back to brown, don’t worry, “kylie Jenner’s sister reassures.

The shooting comes days after her ex-husband, Kanye West, was spotted still wearing his wedding ring.

Yes, the rapper still wears his wedding ring despite his separation. Indeed, it was Kim Kardashian who applied for a divorce in February 2021.

Kanye West moved to his Wyoming ranch while the pretty brunette stayed in Los Angeles. But according to TMZ, the “Stronger” performer asked for custody of their four children.

So the couple decided to make an alternating guard. Because Kanye West spends most of his time in Wyoming to devote himself to his music.

According to The Sun, the couple agreed to share their $2 billion fortune equally. Even though the rapper has a bigger fortune than his wife, because of his music and clothing brands, $1.3 billion.

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