Kim Kardashian unveils an old photo and she’s ashamed of it!

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian intrigued her fans by unveiling a 100% 90’s photo on the Web. You’ll see, the star has changed a lot!

This photo did not go unnoticed! On Thursday, January 28, Kim Kardashian shared a rare photo of herself on the Web with her sister Kourtney. And a small detail seems to have puzzled the influencer.

More and more of you are following Kim Kardashian’s daily life on her social networks. And the pretty brunette is as active on Instagram as on Twitter.

Last I heard, the pretty brunette is reportedly finalizing some of the details of her divorce from Kanye West. According to some American tabloids, the two stars would not be on the same wavelength for a very long time.

While the rapper thrives in Wyoming, Kim Kardashian prefers to live alone with her children in L.A. Behind the scenes, the performer of “Mercy” would also show all the colors to his entourage.

Diagnosed with “bipolar”, the rapper would have benefited from the unwavering support of his wife. But Kris Jenner’s daughter would have cracked last summer because he would refuse to take all types of treatment.

It was at the time of the US presidential elections that the star finally made his decision. “Kim has been very supportive of Kanye as he struggles with his mental health,” a source close to the businesswoman told Page Six.

But also: “But she knew it was the right thing to do for her children.” While Kim Kardashian refuses to comment on her relationship, she is happy to feed her Instagram account.

Yesterday, Mason’s aunt made a name for herself with this incredible post. The proof in pictures!


In a nostalgic mood, Kim Kardashian shared on the Web an incredible photo of herself alongside her older sister Kourtney. And her picture is straight from the 90s!

In front of the lens, the duo proudly sported a trendy look of the time. While some Internet users have mocked the draw of Reign’s mom, a completely different detail has obviously puzzled Kim Kardashian.

“These are the eyebrows for me,” the businesswoman said in the caption of her publication. If to date, we prefer them well supplied and structured in the 90’s it was better to have them very thin!

“Wow. Period photo but it’s okay, we recognize you well,” reads the web. But also: “I knew that too, but before it was fashion. Fortunately, I stopped waxing them.”

In any case, the shot of Kim Kardashian will have had the merit of making the buzz. In just a few hours, it has garnered more than 1 million likes and multiple comments. Well done!

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