Kim Kardashian unveils her XXL shapes in a sexy holiday dress!

Kim Kardashian is playing pretty bimbos again. This time, the famous it-girl appears in a dress that showcases her XXL shapes.

Once again, Kim Kardashian is setting fire to her Instagram page. The pretty young woman we know so well asserts her XXL forms. In her latest shot, the mother and businesswoman are more beautiful than ever. Enough to drive more than one crazy!


We can tell each other, Kim Kardashian is popular on social media. It must be said that her inimitable style makes her rather sexy, just like her sisters.

Kylie Jenner’s older sister gets the approval of her fans every time she posts a snap. Whether she’s jogging, in a bikini, or in a diva outfit, it’s a great success every time.

Our it girl parades from day to day with new outfits every time. Like today, with this dress that has no equal, and already validated by Internet users.

A few hours ago, our pretty bimbo posted a photo while it is in full vacuum-dressing. She also seemed to wonder when she was going to wear this famous dress.

It is a green and grey dress, with an asymmetrical cut, which has nowhere else its equal. A dress that also highlights its XXL shapes.


Kim Kardashian was hesitant to keep this dress to parade this summer. But it seems that now the young woman reserves a completely different fate to this outfit, as she says in the caption of her post.

“I had kept this dress for the holidays, but whatever, I think it will be for Instagram,” she said on her post. She then reveals in preview this beautiful dress that highlights it well.

Yes, we can say it: this dress molds her hips to perfection, revealing this one as well as her size in X. She also showcases her XXL chest that makes the eye to all her fans from the first hour.

Some must already swoon at this dream-like beauty. Others will no doubt notice the improbable and asymmetrical cut of this two-tone, very summery garment.

The second shot shows her from the side, revealing part of her thighs and highlighting, or rather backward, her well-bounced proportion. Success at the rendezvous it seems, judging by the number of likes.

Once again, Kim Kardashian lit up the web and blew up the likes counter. It must be noted that his fans have spammed the heart button so that the star can amass more than 2.5 million likes. It’s something to be proud of!

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