Kim Kardashian very manipulative with the paparazzi!

Kim Kardashian is at the center of attention. And yet, that has not always been the case. So she was able to manipulate the paparazzi.

The famous Kim Kardashian is often at the heart of the turmoil. A few years ago, the young woman did not hesitate to use manipulation to attract attention. So the paparazzi were being made.

Since the announcement of her divorce, Kim Kardashian attracts even more paparazzi. It is true that this separation is very surprising.

Yes, the couple’s decision is well thought out. Indeed, Kanye West seems harder to live than some think.

After 6 years of living together, the parents of North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint have therefore finally abandoned this marriage.

Thus, the couple makes a lot of ink flow. In addition, on the Web Internet Internet users do not hesitate to give their opinions. So the fans are very sad.

It is true that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were a beautiful couple. Enough to make the Web tremble, then.

In short, Kim Kardashian has a habit of attracting attention. For several years, the paparazzi have been after him.

The smallest gestures of the beautiful brunette are therefore observed and exposed in the media. And for the latter, it’s really not easy.

And yet, when she was still Madame everyone, Kim Kardashian was able to manipulate the paparazzi to be in the spotlight.


Kim Kardashian hasn’t always been that big star. And for good reason, before she was only a Hollywood socialite, but she wanted to taste the notoriety.

The beautiful Kim Kardashian did not hesitate to manipulate the paparazzi. Indeed, she made it look like she was hanging out with Britney Spears. Yes, before the singer was then the queen of Hollywood.

Thus, the performer of Toxic was the favorite of the paparazzi. Indeed, the singer’s photos represented 20% of their sales. For Kim, this represented a gold mine.

So, by posing as Britney Spears’ friend, Kim Kardashian was putting a foot in the entertainment industry.

In fact, in 2019, Kim Kardashian’s family have been talking about her on a show.

The star’s best friend has revealed his little game. Indeed, she had simulated a friendship with Britney Spears.

Jonathan Cheban said at the time: “We were in New York, and Britney Spears was in this hotel, locked in her room. We notice there are paparazzi outside. »

The two friends got into a Rolls Royce and then entered the hotel. They then waited several minutes to make it look like they were waiting for the singer.

He then adds: “And the next day, the story was: Kim went to see Britney.” Like what, Kim Kardashian was already ready to do anything to become famous.

But are they really girlfriends? The Web still hasn’t had a clear answer.

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