Kim Kardashian won’t have Kanye West’s awesome gifts!

This is a serious time for Kim Kardashian! The star doesn’t want Kanye West’s gifts anymore and is about to spend his Valentine’s Day alone!

Kim Kardashian has definitely drawn a line under her love affair with Kanye West! Indeed, the bomb has given up the incredible gifts of her husband, and wants to spend the holidays away from him!

It’s official! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to split up after 8 years of love. The young parents have begun divorce proceedings and plan to continue their lives on their own.

This announcement caused the effect of a bomb on the web. Indeed, the two stars were among the most glamorous couples on the planet. Their breakup created a shock for Internet users!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have always fascinated their love story. The lovebirds never hesitated to declare their flame in public. And they saw it big to celebrate their love!

The lovebirds have left their mark on people’s minds with their many luxury gifts. Kanye West is also known for doing many crazy things for his wife!

Every year, the rapper imagined extraordinary surprises for the mother of his children. Princess trips, bouquets of 1,000 roses, or hologram in the image of her dead father… nothing was too good for Kim Kardashian!

Internet users have therefore become accustomed to taking full eyes with each Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this year is likely to be much sadder than usual!


This year, Kim Kardashian will spend her February 14 away from her husband! Indeed, the star no longer wants to see Kanye West and is even about to draw a line on his impressive gifts.

The couple decided to cancel their traditional Valentine’s Day trip. A great first for the two stars who loved to meet face to face for the feast of lovers.

This year, Kim Kardashian decided to spend February 14th with ease, away from her ex-husband’s follies! According to several rumors, the star plans to stay with his loved ones to recharge.

But let the fans be reassured! The bomb is living his new life as a bachelor pretty well. A relative of the star confessed: “She feels good! She wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her children and make this day special for them! ».

The sulfurous brunette now prefers to focus on her family and her career. “She doesn’t talk to Kanye anymore. She’s focused on her future.” Like what, the bomb is far from being shot down in the run-up to February 14th!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t need her husband to make luxury gifts! His personal fortune is more than $900 million.

What to make a nice consolation gift for this first Valentine’s Day single!

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