Kim Kardashian’s sister surprises in the snow in swimsuit

The beautiful socialite Kim Kardashian has always been characterized by sharing content that always catches the eye however, it seems that one of her sisters has managed to overcome it because she shared a post showing off her figure in the snow while wearing a swimsuit.

Although each member of the Kardashian Jenner clan has different personalities, they all agree on something, they tend to boast without penalty their beautiful figures through their social media posts.

Perhaps the most characteristic so far has been the young social media celebrity and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, who in the family has the most posts on Instagram, we immediately show you a comparison between the sisters to this day:

Kylie Jenner has 6, 674 publications

Kim Kardashian has 5, 456 publications

Kourtney Kardashian has 4, 113 publications

Khloé Kardashian 3, 872 publications

Kendall Jenner has 2, 938 publications

At the same time, it is the younger sister of the clan who has the highest number of followers in the app, so far she has 223 million followers, followed by Kim Kardashian with 212 million respectively.

However, perhaps many would immediately think that the one who took such photos would be the youngest of the clan, yet many will be surprised by this refusal because it was actually the other extreme, it was Kourtney Kardashian who surprised with these images.

Nine hours ago that the post was made on her official Instagram account where she has 114 million followers, it was a total of 3 photos in which she appears showing her figure in a silver swimsuit quite tiny and striking, especially because it stands out in the snow.

He also accompanied plush white boots to withstand the cold, a long sack, and a white Texan, all in combination with the beautiful Forest of Aspen where she was taking these photos.

In the first photo, you are not wearing the sack so you can appreciate its complete figure, Kourtney is a little behind, you can immediately see that her swimsuit is lost a little among her later charms drawing even more the attention of her fans concentrating on this part of her body.

In the second image seeing her immediately you might think that she is her younger sister Kim because both are very similar and part of the sack she is using covers her curves but not in its entirety, besides because also her face is not able to distinguish perfectly because her hair covers part of it.

Perhaps for many, it was the third-best image of all, by the perspective in which it was taken, leaving the older sister of the Kardashian Jenner in the foreground, with some pines behind it further highlighting the photographs.

After nine hours since its publication, the entrepreneur and model managed to raise more than a million and a half likes and a total of 7,700 comments so far because it’s really shocking to see someone cheer up to take these kinds of photographs in such an icy climate.

For a few days now that the socialite and entrepreneur are enjoying this holiday next to her children, as this is not the first publication she shares in this snowy paradise, two days earlier she had been with her little ones enjoying the snow while they skied very happy.

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