Kristen Bell and Josh Gad bring the Frozen Magic to 2020 Kids ‘Choice


Kristen Bell come to one of our Disney stars favorite off the screen and into our homes with its chic costume of Anna.

For the Kids ‘Choice Awards 2020: spectacle Celebrate Together, the Good place The star was dressed to the nine in a costume of Anna and held to the sides of the versions plush Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. She told the viewers at home: “Wow, thank you so much for being rewarded Frozen II your animation movie favorite! Guys, we spent a good time making this movie. We hope to make a million more. Hum … anyone else want to say something? Not? You want to … They are normally very talkative. Thank you very much!”

For Josh Gad, which expresses Olaf, he came out of a shower raunchy to accept his blimp. According to the actor, he “was just working in the shower”, where he “made the most of my work these days”.

“A small airship Nickelodeon came to surprise me. I am so excited because this is the closest that I’ll have for the air transport at this time”, he continued. “Then thank you very much for giving me this honor on behalf of my vocal performance in” Frozen “. Now sorry, but I, uh, I have to go back to work. Very well.”


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