Kristen Stewart : the ex-star of “Twilight” will be princess Diana in “Spencer”



CASTING – The american actress Kristen Stewart, age 30, has been chosen by the director of the chilean Pablo Larrain to embody princess Diana in “Spencer”, a film dedicated to the end of her marriage to prince Charles.

It is a choice as exciting as it is bold. The american star Kristen Stewart, 30 years old, it will be princess Diana in “Spencer”, the next film by chilean Pablo Larrain. But it is not necessary to expect a biopic to be a “classic” follow-up of the whole of the life of the one who died in 1997 at the age of 36 in a car accident in Paris. The screenplay of Steven Knight will focus on a weekend in the real property, to Sandringham House, at the beginning of the 1990s, during which the princess, born Diana Spencer, takes the decision to leave Prince Charles.

We have decided to tell a story about identity, and how a woman decides to, in some way, not to become a queen“, explains Pablo Larraín in an interview with Deadline.This is a woman that realizes and decides that she wants to be the woman I was before I met Charles.“Married with great fanfare in 1981, to parents William and Harry were divorced in 1996. We still don’t know the name of the actor who played the eldest son of queen Elizabeth II.

An actress who loves to surprise

This is not the first time that the filmmaker revealed in 2008 with “Tony Manero” is the capturing of a moment in the life of a woman who has marked the history. In “Jackie”, in 2017, the widow of president Kennedy was receiving a journalist in his home in Massachusetts to talk about the days that followed the assassination of her husband in November 1963. For this paper moving, Natalie Portman has won an Oscar nomination for best actress.

Kristen Stewart, who was 30 years of age last April, found the opportunity to definitively turn the page of the saga for teens “Twilight”, where she played Bella Swan, the girlfriend of the handsome vampire played by Robert Pattinson. If you have recently returned to Hollywood, becoming, in particular, to a new version error of “Charlie’s Angels” (see video below)the actress has preferred to the independent cinema in the last few years.


“Charlie’s Angels” : an interview with Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart, She Balinska and Naomi Scott

It was as well as seen in “Café Society” of Woody Allen or “Seberg” of Benedict Andrews, where she was the actress Jean Seberg entered the legend of the cinema with his role in “A bout de souffle”, Jean-Luc Godard, and who was the wife of writer Romain Gary. She has also traveled two times with the French Olivier Assayas, from 2015, the César of the best second female role for her performance in “Sils Maria” alongside Juliette Binoche.

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“Kristen can be very mysterious, very fragile and very strong at the time, which is exactly what we need“says Pablo Larraín about his star. This will be the sixth performer of Diana from Catherine Oxenberg in a tv movie dating back to 1982. In the film, the role was held in 2013, with Naomi Watts in “Diana” by Oliver Hirschbiegel, massacred by the critics. Lady Di will also be embodied by Emma Corrin in season 4 of the series “The Queen”, on Netflix.

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