Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner appear as accomplices on Instagram!

To the delight of her millions of fans, Kylie Jenner has just posted two new photos on Instagram alongside Kendall.

With each appearance on the Web, Kendall and Kylie Jenner then put everyone in agreement. The two stars of social networks pose on Instagram and once again make unanimous support among their fans.

Very active on social networks, Kylie Jenner feeds every day her various photo accounts always more beautiful and sexy than the other.

With it, Internet users don’t really have time to get bored. They follow the activity of their idol with the greatest attention.

And for now, there’s plenty to do. Photos of her shoots, fashion and beauty tips, little moments with her daughter, and unpublished ads, everything goes!

As a result, the pretty brunette of 23 years has no less than 213 million followers on Instagram, the showcase of her most beautiful shots. That’s all it is!

She thus appears as one of the most popular and influential bloggers of the moment on the platform. And to the delight of her large audience, she has just posted two new photos.

Kylie Jenner poses on a luxury car next to her big sister Kendall.


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On Wednesday, January 3, Kylie Jenner posted two new exclusive photos on her Instagram account to 213 million followers. And his fans are delighted!

The social media star thus appears in a very colorful outfit on a beautiful luxury car. She wears a huge orange jacket, glasses of the same color, as well as brown pants and a small pair of heels. Great class!

But little Stormi’s mother is not alone in the picture. Yes, I did. It also shows her 25-year-old older sister, the famous Kendall Jenner.

The latter poses more soberly alongside her little sister, hands in pockets, in a total dark brown look. Her outfit is tearing!

Under the spell, Internet users have once again reacted en masse to the post of their idols. It already has more than 8 million likes! No, you’re not dreaming.

In the comment space, one can also read a ton of compliments and words of love. Fans of the two stars validate the shots unanimously!

As you will have understood, it is one more card for Kylie Jenner and her lifelong sidekick, the great and beautiful Kendall Jenner. So we let you take a look at the last pictures of the two stars of the small screen, but … Watch your eyes!

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