Kylie Jenner : Billionaire ? A lie, they risk prison !


In July 2018, Kylie Jenner was One of the very prestigious magazine Forbes. According to the article, is the youngest member of the clan Kardashian 21-year-old was “on the verge of becoming the youngest billionaire and self-taught of its history“. In march 2019, Forbes confirmed his prediction and the intronisait in the very closed club of fortunes to ten digits. Against all odds, he comes from remove this honorary title to Kylie the suspicion of having lied about his wealth and falsified its accounts.

After review, the magazine argues that the turnover in 2018 was at around a third of the amount given by Kylie Jenner. Then, the mom Stormi would have inflated the numbers of his fortune ? The magazine also accuses her mother Kris Jenner to have produced tax returns falsified to give an image more attractive to the company. According to Forbes, the mother and daughter were engaged in a campaign of several months to get their magazine, put it in “A”.

These are inaccurate statements

On Twitter, Kylie Jenner denies all lie and denigrate the magazine. May 29, 2020, it has responded to the controversy by writing : “I wake up and discover this. Everything that I see, these are inaccurate statements and suppositions that have not been proven lol. I never asked for a title or trying to appear in this magazine. End Point“. Apparently very rise, the darling of Travis Scott has posted several other tweets on the topic, attempting somehow to cleanse his honor. “But agree ! I am blessed, I have a daughter extraordinary, and a thriving business and I am perfectly well“she says before you make fun openly of the charges of which she was the target. “I can name a list of 100 more important things that I set on the amount of money I have“she writes.

If they prove to be accurate, the accusations against Kylie could cost him dearly. According to the lawyer in the fraud Jan Handzlik interviewed by the, the youngest of the clan Kardashian could be the subject of a criminal investigation for exaggerations alleged the value of his company. Worse, the attorney said that if a federal investigation revealed that Kylie Jenner had committed a financial fraud, she could be sentenced to prison sentences and fines “amounts drugs.

However, even if she is not a billionaire, Forbes considers, however, the fortune of Kylie Jenner to 900 million dollars (810,4 million euros).

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