Kylie Jenner dressed up as “The Grinch” sexy version: “I stole Christmas”

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The businesswoman was inspired by the villain who wants to ruin the end of the year parties to promote his latest make up palette.

Shortly after celebrating Christmas and New Years’,  Kylie Jenner rushed to launch new personal care and make-up products to put her renowned brand,  Kylie Cosmetics, back on the scene.

Inspired by the end-of-the-year parties, the influencer came up with a new redefinition of the iconic children’s film  “The Grinch”  to decorate her green palettes and illustrate them with the face of the villain who wants to ruin the celebration that all boys love.

Rogue, he came up with a version of the Grinch costume and put a sexy touch on it. He dressed in a green suit, put on a matching hat, and even showed off his hair of the same color. “Kylie stole Christmas,” he said next to the image that in less than six hours it already almost reached 4 million likes.


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