Kylie Jenner explains how pants should look at the waist


Kylie Jenner with her great body explained how jeans should go to look beautiful in networks

Kylie Jenner 23 – a year-old will return to teach their millions of fans as should wear pants in denim waist, then shared a photo very flirtatious with which looks too well the smallest of the Kardashian clan, who Despite having a daughter, she has the body of a true goddess.

In the photo Kylie Jenner appears with a blouse very similar to the top and long sleeves which looks very cool to the businesswoman, she also posed raising her hands so that her followers could see her steel abdomen, in addition to the small waist which it fits nicely into Kylie Jenner’s jeans.

Although the photo reached six million likes, the comments were very varied, since many asked her how she makes her look so beautiful despite being a mother, while the famous haters branded her as having had surgery, something that supposedly recurs at all times the Kardashian clan.

But another of the things that Kylie Jenner was asked and her male audience was if the businesswoman is really single or is she really still dating her daughter’s father, rapper Travis Scott because according to US reports in June the couple was seen at The Nice Guy club in Los Angeles, but they left the venue separately.

What is a fact is that Kylie Jenner always tries to burst the networks with the photos she takes, even Travis Scott comments on them, so her fans wonder if both artists are actually dating or are good friends, although her daughter Stormi will unite them for life, because they are always looking out for the little girl, who is very happy because she is always happy next to Kylie Jenner.


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“That woman is beautifulaa and the body is loaded, I say I do not know why so much hatred, being so young and so billionaire”, “This is where the envious, with little self-esteem say * operation, operation, operation trying to reduce something that really they don’t know, “they write to Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner has also focused too much on her makeup line which is an empire that she created from a very young age because in each season she tries to get a different design which is sold out immediately in all stores in the world, that is why that she is one of the youngest millionaires on the planet.

Another thing that Kylie Jenner has is that she has never liked problems, but on one occasion she faced 32-year-old model Blac Chyna, as she was a partner of Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend in the past, so That started a war of tell and tell on social networks, but there have been few times that Kylie Jenner has been in controversy.

Kylie Jenner not only surprises us by the beauty of her body, but by the luxurious lifestyle that she has and that is that every businesswoman throws the house out the window, because she has mega parties, where everything is perfect from her dresses, even its luxurious decoration which always becomes a trend for social networks.