Kylie Jenner helped her sister Kendall a lot in high school!

New buzz for Kendall and Kylie Jenner! In KUWTK, Kylie Jenner confides and explains how she strengthened Kendall’s confidence in high school!

And yes, the stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kendall and Kylie Jenner took some pictures of 818 Tequila and told their time in high school!

As the two youngest members of the Clan The Amazing Kardashian Family, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner share many moments together. To the delight of fans, they recently made a video on Kylie’s YouTube channel.

Taking pictures of 818 Tequila, they are to die of laughter! Indeed, Kendall is promoting her new tequila business!

Last month, Kendall Jenner made the buzz! And for good reason… She started her first solo business with 818 Tequila.

So she shared a series of photos and videos in which her friends test her drink! But that’s not all! Kendall also shared how Kylie “strengthened” her self-confidence while they were in high school.


Good news for fans of the Jenner sisters! During the week, Kylie Jenner released her latest kylie Cosmetics make-up tutorial video that featured her sister Kendall Jenner.

To spice things up, the two stars took pictures of Kendall’s tequila! The video showed the sisters drinking in the parking lot before wearing makeup with the Kendall by Kylie Cosmetics palette released last year.

After putting on make-up and a little drunk, the two sisters remembered their childhood! Kendall then confides in her insecurity about her acne in high school…

The model recalled asking Kylie if she could see any imperfections on her face… “Every day you would say, “No, you’re beautiful.” I knew you were lying, but it helped me a lot,” Kendall recalls.

This memory led Kylie Jenner to shed a few tears after drinking her fifth dose of Tequila! “I knew it was your greatest insecurity!” said Kylie.

«It always made me so sad to hear you talk about it! But it turns out that Kylie helped her sister a lot to gain confidence through her words.

«It changed my day!” Kendall confides. “I’d go to school and think, ‘Okay, I’m the only one who sees her as bad as that. If Kylie doesn’t see it as so bad, then it shouldn’t be. And it actually strengthened my self-confidence. »

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