Kylie Jenner: her sister Kendall starts selling Tequila!

Looks like Kendall has a whole new heart of business! Indeed, Kylie Jenner’s sister seems to want to get into Tequila!

What’s on her mind? Kylie Jenner’s sister Kendall wants to start a new business. A business that should please his brother. Indeed, the latter now wants to sell an alcoholic beverage well known in the clan: tequila. What to spend wild evenings, after all!

Kylie Jenner’s older sister Kendall wants to get into a very successful business. Indeed, she decided to trade the Tequilla.

News that looks like a hoax, you say. However, we are Mardi Gras and not April Fool’s Day!

This is therefore rather serious info, which the young woman announced on her Instagram account. On this one, we see her in the middle of a show of her own.

This is not the first time that public figures have entered the alcohol trade. Earlier last year, ex-husbands Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie opened their rosé champagne vintage.

This time, Kendall takes care to put the tequila in the spotlight. And it’s going to please our beloved Kylie Jenner, isn’t it Kylie?


“For almost four years, I’ve been on the adventure of testing the best tequila,” Kendall wrote on her Instagram account. A very bold bet for it girl.

“After dozens of blind tests, traveling in distilleries, I make a name anonymously in competitions and I win them,” she continues. Nice start!

“Three and a half years later, I think I did it,” she says. “That’s all we drank last year and I can’t wait to see everyone with it in my hands to enjoy it just as we appreciate it.”

Kylie Jenner’s sister’s vintage drink is called 818 and is likely to make you look good. Although alcohol abuse is dangerous to health and should be consumed in moderation.

On her Instagram account, Kendall can show us one of her blind tests in a video. She enjoys two glasses of tequila and tries to guess which one is hers.

“Both are strong, but this one is a little less strong,” she says, pointing to the glass, which she will ultimately say she appreciates more than the other. Something that will delight his team, euphoric that she guessed easily!

For her part, Kylie Jenner welcomed the success of her brother, reposting this video on her Instagram story. Proof that she is more than satisfied with Kendall’s work.

Just like Kourt, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian, who also did not fail to mention their little sister on their respective platforms. His girlfriend Gigi Hadid did not fail to do so either!

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