Kylie Jenner is a big fan of dogs and proves it on Instagram!

Kylie Jenner has posted several photos and videos of her adorable dogs Norman and Bambi! The latter is a fan of her hairballs!

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner is absolutely a fan of her dogs! So, the beautiful brunette of 23 years has just posted several pictures of them via her Instagram story!

On February 14, 2021, Kylie Jenner consoles herself that she doesn’t have a Jules for Valentine’s Day… Spending time with his dogs! Indeed, the beautiful Kylie had fun with her hairballs in her garden!

Indeed, today, Stormi’s mother posted several videos and photos of Norman and Bambi, her two greyhounds! Hairballs that Kim Kardashian’s little sister regularly films via her Instagram story!

“These two are… They’re really too cute,” Kylie Jenner said over her story! Indeed, his 2 pooches are literally too cabbage! So the millions of subscribers of the young woman must have loved these videos!

So we suggest you see in turn an image of the 2 dogs of Kylie Jenner, Norman, and Bambi! This is of course a screenshot of Travis Scott’s ex’s Instagram story! Watch your eyes…


On the occasion of the new SKIMS special underwear collection “Valentine’s Day”, Kylie Jenner posed for the brand of her big sister, Kim Kardashian! Indeed, Kylie Jenner unveiled a photo of herself in fine lingerie this Sunday, February 14, 2021!

Indeed, the businesswoman posted a photo of herself ultra-sexy via her Instagram feed! On the shot in question, the beautiful brunette was posing without a black thong bra set! A sensual outfit that its subscribers obviously loved!

Indeed, in just a few hours, the post in question already has more than 8.9 million likes on the social network … A real record for Stormi’s mom! Comments are also very numerous under the post of Kylie Jenner!

D1softball news invites you to discover some comments from Internet users! “A real bombshell, this photoshoot is just super sexy!” “Canon, Kim Kardashian must be thrilled that you agreed to promote her brand SKIMS!” “A ray of sunshine, you are divine and you have an incredible body!”

Or, “Oh my god, you’re sublime! Travis Scott is going to love this picture! Happy Valentine’s Day Kylie! You can read on the social network of the reality TV star! Comments all more positive than the other!

An enthusiasm that will please the beautiful Kylie Jenner! Indeed, she can count on her XXL community to react to each of her posts on Instagram! We look forward to the next photo…

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