Kylie Jenner: Is her ex Travis Scott in a relationship with Rihanna?

While Kylie Jenner decided to leave Travis Scott a while ago, there is a rumor that he is in a relationship with Rihanna!

In October 2019, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott ended their relationship. Several rumors have emerged about this breakup. According to them, it seems that the rapper did not want to have a second child with his sweetheart.

Others claimed that Travis Scott had cheated on Kylie Jenner. The two never spoke out about the real reasons for the breakup. They have always been vague about their separation.

But that doesn’t mean Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott decided to go to war. Nevertheless, they continue to remain very close to each other. But that’s not all.

They also do everything they can to fill their little girl Stormi. Neither of them wants the little girl to suffer this breakup. Exes celebrate all important events together.

This year again, the young woman spent her Christmas with the artist. A source said: “The day went very well. Stormi had a great time with his cousins“.

She added: “They are good co-parents.” While there are rumors that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are going to get back together, for now, that’s still not the case.

A new rumor has emerged about Kylie Jenner’s ex. Some seem convinced that Travis Scott is in a relationship with Rihanna. The two appeared very close at many events.


Very close, Travis Scott and the singer have been spending a lot of time together for several years already. Rihanna even invited Kylie Jenner’s ex to promote her Fenty Skin brand.

In contrast, a source close to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently confided in them about their relationship. According to her, Stormi’s parents are about to get back into a relationship.

The source revealed: “Kylie and Travis are always madly in love with each other. You can see every time they are together, there is a lot of love between them“.

The relative added: “Their two faces light up when they are together and the two seem very happy. Kylie and Travis spend a lot of time with Stormi with family”;

To everyone’s surprise, the source close to it also revealed: “They don’t rule out getting back together. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not putting pressure on their relationship at the moment.”

It remains to be seen whether the two will decide to get back together. Or if Travis Scott falls into Rihanna’s arms. You’ll have to be patient before you find out. Case to follow!

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