Kylie Jenner makes up her father Caitlyn Jenner on Youtube!

Kylie Jenner shares a make-up tutorial from her dad Caitlyn Jenner on YouTube! We’ll give you more details.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Caitlyn Jenner and shares the video on YouTube!

Caitlyn Jenner shared a new video on her YouTube channel on Saturday, February 6. While she couldn’t find a professional to do her make-up, she decided to ask her daughter for help!

“My little Kylie is going to make me up! I can’t wait,” says Caitlyn Jenner at the beginning of the video. She points out that Kylie Jenner had never done it before. So this is a first for both.

Caitlyn seems very proud of her daughter. “My little baby. I was changing her diapers, now look at her office,” says Caitlyn as she enters her daughter’s office.

Kylie Jenner has grown up! She has even built a real empire thanks to her cosmetics brand. Like her sisters, the young woman is a true businesswoman.

She is equally happy with the idea of making up her father. She explains that they talked about this project a long time ago. And finally, it comes to fruition!

For this make-up tutorial, the young woman will obviously use the products of her cosmetic brand. On Instagram, the pretty brunette shared a story to entice her followers to discover her tuto make-up with Caitlyn Jenner! And we’re sure there were many of them doing it.


This is the first time Kylie Jenner has collaborated with Caitlyn Jenner. In any case, this video posted on YouTube shows how close the young woman is to her father.

More than just a video of tuto make-up, we see real complicity between the two women. Caitlyn is very happy to share this with her daughter.

She is indeed very grateful to be able to get up in the morning is to be herself. Throughout the video, Kylie Jenner and her father will remember the tender moments of her childhood.

And we’re sure the fans loved to see it all on their favorite starlet. In fact, the video of Caitlyn Jenner and her daughter garnered more than 795,000 likes in just one day.

In the comments, fans are very happy to see how complicit the young woman is with her father. Moreover, they do not hesitate to let her know in the comments.

Finally, the video ends with Caitlyn Jenner who discovers the makeup that her daughter made her“It’s good. I love it! she says visibly very satisfied with the result. For the more curious, you can discover the video of this tuto make-up in its entirety just below.

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