Kylie Jenner reveals her buttocks in red lingerie on Instagram!

Kylie Jenner has just posted a video and a photo of herself in red lingerie! Underwear from SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s brand!

Kylie Jenner has just unveiled a very sexy photo and video of her in red underwear by SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s brand!

Kylie Jenner made a splash on Instagram a few hours ago! Indeed, the beautiful brunette unveiled a photo and a video of her very sexy via her Instagram feed! Indeed, Stormi’s mother wore red underwear by SKIMS!

A real spotlight for the brand of her big sister, Kim Kardashian! Indeed, Kylie fans literally loved this publication! Thus, the post in question already accumulates more than 5 million likes… A real record!

The comments under Kylie Jenner’s post are also very numerous! Indeed, fans of Travis Scott’s ex have responded to the mass compliment to the publication of the reality TV star!

A photo in red lingerie that you are offered to admire below! A post that she captioned as follows: “The sexiest collection of SKIMS is released on February 14″… We want to believe her!


As for each of Kylie Jenner’s posts, users rushed to comment on the star’s publication! Especially since this is a very sexy post! Indeed, one thing is for sure, Internet users have validated the sensual collection of Kim Kardashian for her brand SKIMS!

Indeed, you only have to read the many comments to realize it! Internet users seem super enthusiastic about this collection of sexy lingerie special Valentine’s Day…

One thing’s for sure, Kylie Jenner’s subscribers aren’t stingy with compliments! “Too beautiful Kylie! You’re too hot in her underwear! “But what an incredible vision, Kylie is so sexy! »

Or: “Kylie is really getting sexier! This red bodysuit is just a wonder! I can’t wait to discover Kim Kardashian’s new collection! His Brand Skims is top! In any case, she could not dream better model or influencer to promote this collection! »

The 23-year-old’s social network can be read on the social network! Adorable comments that will make Stormi’s beautiful mother very happy… But also to her big sister Kim Kardashian!

Indeed, Internet users already seem very excited to discover this new collection of SKIMS underwear! A collection that will soon see the light of day!

Indeed, Kylie Jenner’s sister puts this collection online on Valentine’s Day… That’s tomorrow! Very good news!

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