Kylie Jenner reveals stretch marks on her chest for the first time…Her fans thanked her


This is a first ! Selfies those squared, poses developed and videos ultra frames or filters galore… once is not custom, Kylie Jenner lets out a little natural. In one of his recent stories Instagram is the youngest member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner showed off her stretch marks, in spite of it. Filmed in a bathing suit under the warm california sun, Kylie Jenner gives news to his fans, face covered by a filter. While the lens is moving according to its movement, the filter separates from its body it was then that a detail did not escape the sharp eyes of his fans. On the tanned skin of his bust is draw stretch marks that run to the birth of his chest. Fine brands extend and offer us a glimpse of its body as it is. At the time of editing, constant search for perfection and beauty smooth and sanitized, Kylie Jenner snaps a little more in the reality of women. And his fans were not slow to react :” These are beautiful stretch marks “” Hi Kylie, you are absolutely beautiful and all your stretch marks are beautiful, I love you my queen “or yet” stretch marks cute “.

Towards more natural

This is many years that Kylie Jenner uses cosmetic surgery. Proof is with the significant physical transformation, identified since the end of his adolescence. However, the star of reality tv has lifted the foot on the injections of the lips during her pregnancy and shortly after the birth of her daughter Stormi in 2018. At this period it returns to the natural to a lesser extent, and offers some rare pictures without makeup.

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The stars are relying more and more on authenticity. A little earlier this year, Ashley Graham unveiled its stretch marks pregnancy on Instagram. The model posting a photo of her belly while d√©complexion. Through this picture she wanted to show that the recovery and healing faced by new moms are not” that of rainbow or butterflies “.

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