Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Most Sensual Side In The New Edition Of Playboy

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Kylie Jenner continues to steal sighs from her millions of followers on social media. Since it was announced that she would be the new protagonist of Playboy magazine, her fans are more aware than ever. 

It all came up a few days ago when the young businesswoman published a photo in which she appears totally naked and hugged with the father of her daughter Stormi. With the image the youngest of the Kardashian clan, she revealed her new adventure for the adult magazine.

A few hours out the new issue of Playboy, the official Instagram account of the magazine and Kylie Jenner, revealed new images that are part of the photoshoot that were portrayed by Sasha Samsonova.

In the new images, Kylie Jenner wears red lingerie, in others, she is totally naked and covering herself with a transparent sheet that has made her followers sigh worldwide.

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But the new edition of Playboy with Kylie Jenner not only includes the photoshoot, but also an interview that was in charge of her partner Travis Scott. One of the reasons why the young businesswoman would have accepted to be part of the supplement.

Kim Kardashian’s sister revealed that being a mother doesn’t stop her from being sexy. “Motherhood and sexuality can coexist, and not because you embrace your sexuality, that means that you have a weak moral or that you are not a good mother, you can be sexy and a mother,” said Kylie Jenner

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