Kylie Jenner still in love with Travis Scott?

Would Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been fighting?! On the Internet, Internet users are leading the investigation and rumors are going well.

To this day, some Kylie Jenner fans are wondering if their idol has remarried Travis Scott. If the two stars seem very close, they would focus primarily on the well-being of their daughter Stormi.

Kylie Jenner’s private life has always intrigued the tabloids. Just like the other members of his family!

Like many stars, the pretty brunette remains very active on Instagram. A few days ago, she immortalized her daughter Stormi’s incredible birthday party on the Web.

Indeed, on February 1, 2021, North’s cousin celebrated her 3rd birthday surrounded by her loved ones. On social networks, Internet users managed to find never-before-seen photos of the festivities.

Unsurprisingly Travis Scott, Stormi’s dad was also in attendance. And the rapper seemed very close to Kylie Jenner.

At the sight of the pictures, many of their followers said that the two stars were together again! But the reality would be much more complex than that.

Exclusively for “E!”, a source close to Stormi’s parents agreed to lift the veil on their relationship. And the informant assured that the ex-lovers let things happen without taking the lead.

“Kylie and Travis are always madly in love with each other,” said “E!” But also: “You can see every time they are together, there is a lot of love between them.”


On a day-to-day basis, Kylie Jenner could still count on Travis Scott. And they would cherish all the time they spent with the family.

“Their two faces light up when they’re together and the two seem very happy,” added the anonymous source for “E!”

If there is an eel under the rock, the two stars would not be (for the moment) a couple! Their priority would remain above all their little Stormi.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there! According to “E!”, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott would be “incredible co-parents” and this “routine” would be no problem.

“Kylie and Travis spend a lot of time with Stormi as a family and don’t rule out getting back together,” the prying informant said. “They’re not putting pressure on their relationship at the moment.”

While Kylie Jenner has in the past agreed to reveal all aspects of her private life without a filter, the influencer is now trying to preserve her secret garden.

Once harassed on all sides, Kris Jenner’s daughter finally seems to have found a balance. Born boss, the pretty brunette continues to develop her brands “Kylie Skin” and “Kylie Cosmetics” brilliantly.

And all his products are a real hit with his community. We love it!

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