Kylie Jenner stops following Rosalía on social networks

The reason why the media entrepreneur gave “unfollow” to the Catalan singer is unknown.

Kylie Jenner surprisingly stopped following Rosalía on social networks; When it seemed that they were great friends, the little one of the clan decided to send her to the ‘unfollow’ list.

The Catalan interpreter and YouTuber had been considered one of Kylie’s closest friends, she had even attended the Christmas holiday of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but the young businesswoman stopped following her on the networks.

There are many speculations about it, it was even said that Kylie was annoyed by the jokes that Rosalía made to Travis Scott, the father of her daughter Stormi, but the reality is that with the new year, Jenner decided to do a ‘clean’ in their networks, and only 27 people follow.

Her family members, a cousin and her best friend for 10 years appear on the list, so Rosalía was no longer considered.

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