Kylie Jenner : the youngest billionaire in history, really ?


If you do not know his face, it is that you are born before 1990. If you confuse it with the one of Kourtney or Khloé or Kendall, is that you are switched to side of “The Incredible Family Kardashian”, reality tv that is no more to the millenials – and relatively indescribable to others. The program aired on the american channel E! since 2007 has given to see them grow this family of six children blended in the pure bling. On one side, Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Rob, offspring of Kris Houghton and attorney Robert Kardashian, who became famous with the trial of OJ Simpson. On the other, Kendall and Kylie, from the second marriage of Kris with Bruce Jenner, former décathlonien gold medalist in the olympics since become a woman. The incredible family Kardashian, remember.

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This face, therefore, is that of Kylie Jenner, born in 1997, of the marriage between Kris and Bruce Jenner. Honestly, nothing presaged the triumph of the last of the clan. After the roller is driven by her four sisters to the four corners of the fame, who would have thought that it would not be a small parcel of fame where burn her first name ? And yet. Followed by the equivalent of two times the size of France, Kylie Jenner has made A number of September 2018 magazine Forbes, dedicated to the classification of “60 Self-Made U.s. the richest”. “Jenner, for the first time in the ranking, took advantage of his power on the social networks to build his fortune of $ 900 million in the cosmetics industry, and in less than three years”, said the magazine, which has enthroned youngest “self-made” billionaire in the historythe following year. Before changing your mind. And for good reason : the young woman and her mother, Kris, great organizing of the family Kardashian-Jenner, would have produced tax returns falsified to give the company an image more attractive than the reality, ” says Forbes. Even so, Kylie Jenner would still be three times richer than her half-sister Kim Kardashian. Richer, too, that Beyoncé, Jay-Z or LeBron James.

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A “Kylie”

The selfie of Kylie Jenner in the toilets at the Met. (New York, may 1, 2017.)

Photo Instagram

To the origins of his business flourishes, no genius, no invention to save the world. Just 178 million subscribers, today, on Instagram. A community of giant fans who “like”, comment and share its facts and gestures on social media. To give you an idea, the photo of her new baby (and finally, the photo of her little hand clinging to the inch manicured to his mother) stayed for a long time the more “likée” of all time (almost 19 million times). As to his selfie taken on may 2, 2017 in the toilet of the Metropolitan Museum of New York (at the MET Ball), it has relegated the Ellen DeGeneres taken at the Oscars 2014 – if banal… – the moat of boredom.

In the video, the Kardashian-Jenner family, a gold

In February 2018, many in the media attribute the fall of Snapchat in exchange for a simple tweet from Kylie Jennerthis last having a complaint the new design of the app on its Twitter account (“Y a-t-he other people that don’t open Snapchat ? Or is it just me…”). In reality, since the broadcast of his show, “Life of Kylie”, on the social network, is called the”effect Kylie” the ability of the account of the star to turn everything that he distributes gold. Thus, filming in the process of recoiffer to the sound of Pilatesit causes a bond to 13.350% of the popularity of the title of the rapper DonMonique on the Net, according to the website Genius.

Glory and beauty

The “Matte Lip Kit” Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics

In short. If Kylie Jenner can shake a company on a stock exchange and to transform songs into tubes, it may necessarily do to sell cosmetics. Her brand of cosmetics, Kylie Cosmeticsis launched in 2015, exclusively online. The first product home, the Kylie Lip Kit, comprising of a lip pencil and a lipstick matte assorted, is in stock…in sixty seconds.

Soon, the Polish King Kylie meets the same fate – during the first week of release, the site Superdrug sells a nail every eight seconds. In 2018, Kylie Cosmetics, of which Kylie is the CEO, marketing director and artistic director, has sold for 360 million dollars worth of product, projecting the young Jenner at the sacro-saint ranking selfmade billionaires.

Bande à part

Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott at the Met Ball in New York, may 7, 2018.


For some, the word “selfmade” is a problem. It is not made alone when we grew up in the Kardashian, blow the internet users. Kim Kardashian defends : “She is “selfmade”, we are all “selfmade”. (…) I know so many people like us (coming from a family who has had success, editor’s NOTE)who have not been successful as Kylie. Even those who have done the reverse. (…) Nobody works as much as my sisters and my mother.” Kylie Jenner is working, of course, but not quite like the Kardashian, seems to insinuate with GQ US. “My mother (Kris Jenner, editor’s NOTE) knows I’m not like the others, ” she says. I do not give account to anyone, I’m doing it alone.”

Actually, she has never taken her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Travis Scott (with whom she had her daughter Stormi Webster), on the tv show family. Failure unforgivable in a family if down-to-earth… “I know he doesn’t like the attention, that is why we want to keep our relationship super private, almost.” Almost, yes. Kylie and Trav’, as she calls herself, was on the cover of the above-mentioned number of GQ of July 2018. Him in a suit on a stool, her shirt very high-cut riding on one of his thighs. Or when the “natural” comes back at the gallop.

*This article was originally published on July 18, 2018 has been updated.

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