Kylie Jenner unveils Valentine’s Day with daughter Stormi!

In Story from her Instagram account, Kylie Jenner shared several videos where she unveiled her Valentine’s Day with her daughter Stormi!

On this Sunday, February 14, Kylie Jenner has planned a special Day Valentine’s Day with her little girl Stormi. If she is single, she intends to celebrate this day like couples.

So Kylie Jenner put the little packages in the big ones. Indeed, she unveiled an adorable cake in the shape of a small house. But that’s not all. The pretty brunette also made heart-shaped pizzas with Stormi.

Kylie Jenner prepared one for her and one for her little girl Stormi. On the other hand, fans regret not seeing the young woman with Travis Scott. It must be said that they really hope that the two will get back together.

A source recently told E! “Kylie is young, but she really wants a traditional family life. She has seen her older sisters with large families and several children and she wants the same! ».

She added: “She loved being at home with Travis and their daughter Stormi Webster more than anything. But for now, their priorities are different.

Another relative also revealed: “They act like they’re together because Kylie Jenner, Travis, and Stormi are relatively inseparable. Neither is interested in dating other people at the moment.”


He also explained: “They do a great job of co-parenting with little or no drama. Kylie Jenner is a very involved mother. And she wants the world to be stormi.

The relative continued: “Kylie Jenner is doing everything she can to show her that she can be who she wants and do whatever she wants. She absolutely wants to have more children one day and wants to give Stormi her own siblings.”

On the other hand, other sources are convinced that the reality TV contestant and Travis Scott still have feelings for each other. “Kylie and Travis are always madly in love with each other”

The source added: “You can see every time they are together, there is a lot of love between them. Their two faces light up when they are together and both seem very happy “.

She concluded: “Kylie and Travis spend a lot of time with Stormi with their families. They do not rule out getting back together. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not putting pressure on their relationship at the moment.”

If Kylie Jenner can’t count on Travis Scott to spend Valentine’s Day, she can still console herself with the presence of her daughter Stormi. It must be said that she can always count on her child!

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