Lady Gaga severely depressed : the touching testimony of his mother


For long years, Lady Gaga has suffered from a deep depression. Invited on the set of the Today Show, his mother, the philanthropist Cynthia Germanotta, has told about the bullying and other intimidation that the singer was when she was a teenager.

For a long time, Lady Gaga has kept the secret about his depression. Until 2016, where the singer has decided to lift the veil on the post-traumatic stress disorder that she has had since she was raped at the age of 19 years. Visiting in a hosting centre in new york for young LGBT homeless, the singer had left to go to terrible confidences. “I told the children that I was suffering from a mental illness, prove it then. I had not talked to anyone before.” This fight against her mind, Lady Gaga the leads already for many years. Since his adolescence, the one who has shone in A Star is born has experienced many dark periods, as was told to his mother in the Today Show. “In college, because she was single, she began to experience a lot of difficulty, she remembered the philanthropist Cynthia Germanotta. She felt isolated events. Humiliated. Derided. And she began to question and to doubt its own abilities. It is at this time that she developed a depression.”

“We have done our best as parents to help, but we do not know any”continued Cynthia Germanotta. Years after, the mother of Lady Gaga regrets still not being realized to the extent of the depression of his daughter. A mistake that she makes, in part, on the lack of information that it then existed on the mental health. “I felt that I had made mistakes if I didn’t really know the warning signs to look for”, she admitted, very affected to mention the battle of the singer. Not that other parents and children going through the same thing, Lady Gaga and her mother are associated a few years ago to create the Foundation Born This Wayin order to help those who suffer from emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. “This is something that is very, very personal for us, and this goes back to the difficulties Stefani (the real name of Lady Gaga, editor’s NOTE) has had, told Cynthia Germanotta. It envisaged a world where young people would be better equipped to cope with the same difficulties that it.”

“While his career was taking off and that we parcourions the world and talked to people, we realized how many others had similar experiences”she then remembered. And the process has also been “very beneficial for her,”. In the columns of Voguein 2018, lady Gaga is admitted to the open heart on his depression, the chronic disease from which it suffers, the reason why she decided to take the word, but also on the rape of which she was the victim. “No one knew it. It is almost as if I was trying to erase it from my brain. And when it finally came out, it was like a big monster ugly. And you have to face the monster to healexplained the young woman in the columns of Vogue. She continued : “For me, with my mental health problems, I had the impression of lying to the world because I felt so much pain but no one knew it. This is why I explained that I was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, because I no longer wanted to hide myself. More ever as I have for a long time”.

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