Laeticia Hallyday & Pascal are going to go in a fish shop, Johnny Depp in the trio of Amber, the husband of Amel Bent in their financial setbacks; Karine Ferri, Yoann G. & Britney Spears work under the sun; Gwyneth Paltrow sells the smell of your orgasms


Laeticia Halliday has found his love

After months of separation, at 9,000 km of each other, it is the time of the meeting for Laeticia Halliday, and Pascal. Laeticia is back Friday, June 19. You can find in the streets of Paris, every two, relaxed in the face of the photographer, the nearest. So happy to see each other, that they appear and overflow of affection in public. See the pictures Here where they kiss each other in doing their shopping, in the street, but also in a fish shop under the watchful gaze of the staff and other customers. The following next week ? In any case, the future is pink. They will be able to celebrate the birthday of Pascal, which is going to have 49 years ago, on the 6th of July. And then, at the end of July Laeticia must turn in his villa of San Bartolome, where Pascal should join.

Johnny Depp and the trio of Amber

During the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp (57 years old) to his ex-wife Amber heard the balance is going to be the points of Public interest. Accuses Amber of having an affair with the entrepreneur Elon Musk (cars Tesla, and rockets) while they were still married. And it indicates that Amber would have had a relationship with the Musk and Cara Delevingne, in the attic of Johnny, in Los Angeles, at the end of 2016. Information confirmed by the husband of the Face. A video of the elevator, and the concierge at the Penthouse was going to support your assertions. Elon Musk denies. The justice will decide.

Amel Bent divorced but still in love

At a hearing of his trial for traffic, driving licences, Patrick Antonelli has revealed that he was divorced amicably from his wife, Amel Bent. They were married in the year 2015 reminds us Closer. His love is not in question. This is to avoid that Amel could help pay the fines inflicted upon her husband. Because Patrick was sentenced to several hundreds of thousands of euros in fines for tax fraud revealed to the Public. He has not been able to pay. And the prosecutor in this case to permit application of a new fine of 150,000 euros. Not to mention that Patrick is liable to five years in prison, three years of the firm, with the imprisonment during the representation of the judgement of the nearest note. The fate of Patrick will be set in the 8 of July. The singer is afraid therefore of having to raise her two daughters for a couple of years.

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For Karine Ferri has already been

Everything is going well for Karine Ferri (38 years), which relaxes with Yohann on the shores of the Mediterranean. Have abandoned his girlfriend Brittany, for a water a little less cold. Photos of Public and Closer to the sample, in the South, in San Rafael, where the parents live from Karine. We see both of you in a bathing suit, on a table, and rowing, until you find the professional activities of the school.

Britney Spears free and joyful

After months of confinement, Britney Spears (38 years old) found freedom and smile. It has been seen cycling with her lover Sam Asghari (26 years), and then running barefoot, on the grass, in a park (photos in Public, and Here). There was, of course, the two of them, a mask, such as the epidemic continues to cause havoc in the united States. Also presented together on the hot sand More. You will discover a Sam bodybuilder as always, with a musculature of the competition.

Gwyneth Paltrow sells her scent

There is No limit on the marketing of Gwyneth Paltrow, which extends their business of well-being in all areas. This does not invent, to its most recent finding is the sale of a scented candle that “smells like my orgasm”. The label indicates that it is not a perfume of roses and Turkish… of the tart grapefruit, according to Here.

Jean-Michel Blanquer separate

The minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer was married in the year 2018. Everything seems to be over, he separated from his wife, Aurélia Devos, who he had met when they were students at the Institute of political studies of Lille. It is not known if this is the containment that is involved in this separation.

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The son-in-law of Brigitte Macron gets

Antoine Choteau, the son-in-law of Brigitte Macron would have taken part in Danielle Fasquelle, candidate LR in the town hall of le Touquet. “The pigeons … and an ass…” would be written under a pseudo in a comment on Facebook. The husband of Tiphaine, the daughter of the wife of the president, has responded, according to those closest to you, in the Echoes in le Touquet, “The policy does not interest me… what I say clearly, I do not like Daniel Fasquelle totally different reasons”. Crisp and clear, but we do not know the reasons for this detestation.

Justin Bieber accused of rape

Two women who accused Justin Bieber of the violation. The first, Danielle (who was 21 years old at the time), speaks to us of the facts that allegedly occurred on march 9, 2014, in a hotel, at a concert in Austin, Texas. Justin defends himself by saying that he was not in a hotel that night, but in an Airbnb (photo of the invoice) with Selena Gomez, his girlfriend of the time. Another young woman, Kadi, evokes a rape in the toilets of a hotel in New York city, may 4, 2015. She allegedly managed to escape, and struck her between the legs before fleeing. None of the two women has filed a complaint for the moment.

Adil Rami meets with Pamela

Defendant, in June of 2019, in Instagram, by Pamela Anderson to be a “monster”, a “narcissist”, a “sociopath”, the footballer Adil Rami (34 years) of the responses. In an interview with the Foot, he defends himself and counter-attack, according to the Audience : “I never attacked”. He said that he has kept all his messages on his phone for two years. None of them could evoke any type of violence. According to him, the video shows Pamela in the hospital to treat his two hands, was a tendinitis hired during the Dancing With the Stars, according to a message from Pamela. Adil is going to give his version in a more detailed manner in a book written by a columnist of the TPMP, Géraldine Maillet.

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Francis Lalanne is too old for Fort Boyard

Hard Francis Lalanne : do not participate in the 31st season of Fort Boyard. Why ? Because he was 61 years of age, and that the insurance will refuse to take care of the risk of being caught by the coronavirus, he explained to the Parisien, cited by more than Near.

Liz Hurley : the suicide of the father of her child

The millionaire Steve Bing (55 years) has increased in the vacuum of the plant 27. It is a suicide, authorities confirmed. Terrible news for Liz Hurley. Steve and Liz had lived together in the year 2000, for a period of eighteen months. Liz had a son, Damian, after their separation in 2002. Steve had initially refused to acknowledge paternity, before giving in. And their relationship had finally settled according to Here.

Nabilla Vergara and her beloved son

Nabilla (28 years old), poses with his son Milann (8 months) at A Gala. It is also seen with his father, Thomas (33 years old). She confesses to the magazine : “there are people who start from scratch. To me, it took me less than 10 ! I have not had the school rewarding. I went through the box of reality is a very controversial subject in France.”. She does not hide that she wants to have a second child : “it is a certainty, but I don’t know when.”


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