League MX. Atlas of The Volpe, 1999; the computer history without titles


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I already had the experience of being a Champion with the Atlantean, when Ricardo Lavolpe came to Atlas in 1997 to begin to write a story that the fans still remembering several decades from a distance thanks to the style that captivated and made the Foxes a memorable without crowns.

The The Volpismo find its highest point at club level at the end of the century, his style consisted in playing with a line of five defenders, three of whom were central markers and the other two lanes. This allowed the offense, the team had numerical superiority.

The own Moustache was, some time ago, a blog on YouTube where he explains these concepts of your computers, including the Mexican national team, which he headed between 2002 and 2006 and is most remembered for his performance in the Confederations Cup of 2005.

The Volpe dedicated an episode of his Vlog the unforgettable Atlas, 1999, that “he was one of the teams that leave a footprint”, if not succeeded in the title because the criminal furthered the Toluca Enrique Meza.

“Here begins a strategy that is not only of brand. Of course, we check when the ball is one of them. We respect the rival, but these flyers creative are when these players (the lanes) with possession of ball go on the attack,” explained the coach.

The Atlas of 1999 was football joy: Daniel Osorno

Daniel Osornoone of the forwards that led The Volpe in that squad of 1999, remembers the work that had to be accomplished to reach the goal.

It was a football of joy, back and forth little by little she was achieving to what Atlas and the mystique of back and forth is the coolest thing of what was done in that era of Ricardo,” recalled Osorno in an interview with Mediotiempo.

“It was the confidence of a coach, day-to-day strengthening that soccer was intended to Ricardo La Volpe. Was to train three or four hours a day, was an important factor for play, and transcend with one of the best teams of soccer”.


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