Unpleasant misfortune for the owner of the Broker House real estate agency. The man, while on business in South America, inadvertently left the roaming on for four hours, causing a very high data consumption which resulted in a very salty TIM bill.

As reported by Il Giornale, in fact, when he returned to Italy he found himself in front of an invoice of 16 thousand Euros for the consumption of data, in line with the provisions of the promotion. TIM, for its part, defended itself by stating that it was not an error as the cost of 16,682 Euros fully reflects the price for roaming in South America.

The man turned to the Adico law firm, which fortunately managed to reach an agreement with the telephone operator who agreed to cancel 75%, bringing the invoice to 4,000 Euros.

” When we opened the file we were incredulous. A bill of € 16,682 for four-hour internet traffic seemed an exaggeration. Instead, according to what Tim showed us, those are the costs for roaming in South America and therefore we didn’t find ourselves in the face of no error. Then we could not ask for the total cancellation of the invoice and we proposed the balance and excerpt of the amount and the payment in installments. We thus obtained a “discount” of 75% which we believe is an excellent result, and the installment of the amount of 4 thousand and 600 euros, which is still a demanding figure but very far from the initial one “said Carlo Garofilini.

The amount was charged because the real estate agent traveled outside the European Union, where usable traffic increased thanks to the Roam Like Home regulation from 1 January.

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