Leonardo DiCaprio using a natural reserve of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in distress


The actor Leonardo DiCaprio — Avalon / Starface

Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to support the
National park of Virunga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, hit by a tragedy at the beginning of the month of April. The oldest nature reserve in Africa, famous for its gorilla population, has been the target of an attack by a group of rwandan rebels, causing the deaths of 12 rangers. The actor therefore participated in a gift of $ 2 million agreed by the Earth Alliance, an organization he co-founded.

“I had the great honor to meet and support the courageous team of Virunga in their fight against the illegal extraction of oil in 2013. Virunga has an urgent need for funds to protect the threatened population of mountain gorillas and support the rangers and their families who have fallen in the exercise of their duty, but also to help in the prevention of disease, ” said Leonardo DiCaprio in a press release issued by
BBC News.

A serious situation

The National Park of Virunga saw a particularly critical situation. In addition to this attack, the pandemic of sars coronavirus resulted in the closure of the site, cutting off the revenues from tourism. Worse still, the virus is a real threat to the gorillas with which man shares 98 % of its DNA.

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