Liga MX planning to retain a percentage of salaries to ‘stars’ to overcome crisis


The contingency before the new coronavirus is on the verge of achieving what seemed impossible in our football, that owners, executives, coaches and players to reach an agreement around a historic measureone that will stand up to the pause is forced, and that to avoid further damage to the industry: withhold wages while there is no flow of income by the stop and saldarlos until you return to the activity.

Owners, solutions have been sought in the weeks since, until the past is put in the table Liga MX the specific proposal and this Monday, from the offices of the FMF touched base with the Association Footballers to receive one of the responses that were missing: players have proved to be sensitive to the time, and among some of the leaders of campuses have accepted opening to implement the strategy.

The proposal, broadly, is still missing for polishing, it is retain a percentage of salary the players with higher income, not to those who ‘live the day’, so that when it recovers the activity in Liga MXthat will extend most of what is referred to at the start of the tournament, go to completing the salary left to pay. The measure is also considered by managers and coaches.

Gignac, in celebration of goal with the Tigers

Is ‘pro-rate’ – the amount that is payable by dividing it in the months that do play. To the heads of the clubs already have asked to chat with his players to look to take in every part of a salary cost of this suspension.

An issue which already reviews the legal part of the Liga MX it has to do with the contracts of players who at most provide 10 months of payment and ending on 30 may, the date set by the international calendar. It seeks to extend them, to cover that salary and has already consulted with FIFAalso for the cases of loans that are maturing, so that they can play in the months not covered in the contract.



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