Lily Collins discusses her marriage plans


In an interview with a magazine, Emily’s protagonist in Paris defends her quick engagement to director Charlie McDowell.

Actress Lily Collins, 31, announced her engagement to writer and film director Charlie McDowell, 37, in September and told him how she knew he was the only one right after they met. In the fall/winter issue of Byrdie, where she also posed for an impressive photoshoot, Lily shared that she doesn’t think becoming a wife has anything to do with whether or not she is a feminist.

She said, “Can I just say? Honestly, I am very excited to be a wife. I don’t think about it in any way, shape, or form that has to do with whether or not I am a feminist. “For me, it’s more like, I can’t wait to be with this person, and now we can plan something that we’ll have for the rest of our lives.”

The couple got engaged on a road trip, and Lily described the proposal as a “surreal moment” that will replay in her head many times. Lily admitted that she struggled during the Covid-19 lockdown and recalled how, at the beginning of the pandemic, she would sometimes wake up and cry all day. She said, “You’re sitting inside your thoughts, ‘Well what do I do with all this? Who are these people in my brain? ‘ We find this feeling of not having control.

“So how do I stay sane, stable, and centered without going back to my old ways? The actress has gone to therapy hoping it will help her get to know herself better, saying she believes that ‘self-care is self-love.