Los Angeles Clippers is made with a old stadium of the Lakers


Los Angeles Clippers it accustomed to be visitors in their own stadium. Despite having moved next to the Lakersthe franchise multichampion prevailed in the Staples Center.

The fans have been asking for a change a long time ago, and, this Tuesday, it unveiled one of the news most eagerly awaited for the world NBA.

Steve Balmer, owner of the franchise in California, bought The Forum of Inglewoodfor a total value of 400 dollars, this being their first stage without sharing for the first time in its history.

However, there is something more inside of the new acquisition, as The Forum was the home of the Lakers from 1967 to 1999where the franchise purple and gold, are made with 6 rings.

The new stadium has the capacity of the Staples, as the same shall be reduced from 19,060 to 17,505. In addition, after being renovated in 2012, is used for concerts of different artists, as well as for wrestling matches.

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