Luisito Comunica is accused of having the attitude of a diva


The Youtuber went to the ‘Venga la Alegría’ forum, acting a despot, and did not even admit taking pictures.

Flor Rubio criticized Luisito Comunica’s attitude when he visited the ‘Venga la Alegría’ forum, saying that he showed an absurd ego because he did not even admit that photographs were taken of him.

The entertainment journalist criticized the well-known YouTuber who has many followers since during his visit to the program he was quite inaccessible, even rude and rude.

Flor compared him to the TikTok Paco de Miguel, who on the contrary, when he was in the program, showed education, humility, and good disposition, grateful for the people and never refused to take photos with whoever asked him.

Rubio regretted that someone like Luisito, who is followed by so many adolescents and young people, takes those divo attitudes when on the contrary, he should be kind because he owes everything to people.

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