M Pokora completely cracks on a sexy photo of Christina Milian!

On her Instagram account, Christina Milian shared a very sexy photo. She clearly made a splash with Mr. Pokora and her fans!

Very active on social networks, Christina Milian often reveals clichés to the delight of her fans. And the least we can say is that M Pokora’s sweetheart never misses an opportunity to make the buzz.

Even when she is pregnant, M Pokora’s sweetheart continues to reveal photos of herself sexier than the others. This is particularly the case at the beginning of the week. Indeed, Christina Milian posted a cliché that turned heads.

M Pokora’s wife unveiled a selfie that also highlighted her bright face. In a first step, the pretty brunette highlighted her luscious mouth with pretty pink lipstick. But that’s not all.

Christina Milian worked makeup her eyes with great delicacy. His ember gaze melted more than one on the social network. Her long hair fell with beautiful ripples at her chest.

In the throat, the young woman did not fail to raise the temperature on the Web. She also dressed her neck with two fairly simple necklaces. One thing is for sure, his selfie was unanimous among his fans and M Pokora.


With her shot, the one who married M Pokora a few years ago collected more than 154,000 “likes” in just a few hours from her fans. In the comments, they did not fail to compliment Christina Milian.

They confided to M Pokora’s sweetheart: “A perfect woman,” “Simply beautiful.,” “You’re sublime.,” “WOAW! magnificent! “Beauty. “Beautiful.” but also “You are beautiful but so much more beautiful in nature.”

Many compliments that are sure to please the singer. It must be said that she can always count on the love and benevolence of her fans on social networks.

However, a few days ago, the young woman had to face criticism from her followers. Indeed, she had posted a photo with her darling M Pokora and their little boy Isaiah. As always, she had been careful to blur her son’s face.

Something that really didn’t please his fans. They did not understand that she reveals pictures of her boy without showing his face. Some even wonder if Isaiah would not have a problem.

Others do not understand why she shows Violet’s face and not Isaiah’s. They accuse him of making preferences at the level of his children. For now, Mr. Pokora’s sweetheart did not wish to speak on the subject.

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