M Pokora gives a dance lesson to Violet on Instagram !


In the story of his Instagram, the singer M Pokora filmed while he was giving dance lessons to the daughter of his sweetheart, Violet.

Confined with his sweetheart Christina Millian and daughter-in-law Violet, M Pokora gives them dance lessons in this period of confinement. And he puts all his energy ! MCE tells you more.

It takes advantage of the period of confinement for do all that you can’t in normal times. Moreover, Iris Mittenaere kills himself to say this on the social networks !

Thus, it is for this reason that the former Miss Universe 2016 offers a dance class Live on Instagram. And not with anyone !

For the occasion, the young woman calls her ” childhood hero “. In fact, it is the choreographer Kamel Ouali, who is widely known for having been a juror in the show Star Academy !

But it is necessary to believe thatit is not the only one to have the same idea ! While M Pokora could not ensure its tour to The Pyramid Tower, it has a solution !

Yes, M Pokora is not singing and dancing. So much to take advantage of the confinement to learn a few steps of the dance to his daughter-in-Purple !

M Pokora gives a little dance lesson to Violet on Instagram 640

M Pokora gives a little dance lesson to Violet on Instagram

M Pokora is back in the dance

In effect, the public M Pokora missing him a lot ! Moreover, the darling Christina Millian had a lot of work for his new tour.

But because of the Covid-19, the young dad finds himself confined with his darling, his son Isaiah and daughter-in-law Violet. Thus, he wants to link the pleasant with the useful !

During this period, M Pokora cannot join his troop in order to revise the choreography for her tour. However, he can always train at home.

But it is out of the question to work alone ! Thus, the artist offers to his daughter-in-law Violet of learning to dance. And the result is rather hilarious !

Also, Christina Millian will not miss a second of the scene. And she is filming everything to share to his fans on Instagram.

Thus, one sees the interpreter of “A nos actes missed” dancing on the credits of the film’s favorite Purple, the Trolls ! And the least we can say, it is that they burst open !